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As his best friend's (and secret crush) birthday is just around the corner, Laurent sees the perfect opportunity to give him something special: a cake with his favorite flavor. His plans are to give it to him after they come back from the commemoration, but will things turn out just as he planned?

"Birthday Cake" a short BL / Yaoi visual novel in modern/slice-of-life setting. It's currently under development and a playable demo is available for download!

The finished game will be free to play and is aimed to have:

  • Around 10.000 words of story
  • 2 different endings
  • Optional +18 scenes, with choice for Laurent to be top or bottom
  • CG gallery with 8 full-color illustrations
  • Available in English and Portuguese!

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Damn DX I was finally able to play the demo. It's short as hell, but it's so cute :3

Can't wait to see the full game soon!

Thank you!


Hello, i played the demo of your work and it was so good that i have to make an account to comment this. The GUI, the characters, the background blend very well. The story is not a new thing but it's still nice to read.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it!


Hi, how much will the full version cost, if anything? ^^

Hi! "Birthday Cake" is going to be a free-to-play game ;)


Oh, yay! :D


 Akane, really loved the story and artwork. cannot wait for future updates, mate. good job

Thank you so much!





Você está dizendo que eu vou poder jogar um visual novel BL em português?? <333 

~em todos esses anos nessa indústria vital essa é a primeira vez que isso me acontece

Adorei a Demo,  sua arte é linda! Já shippo Laurent e Jason loucamente, os dois são fofos demais :3

Boa sorte com o desenvolvimento! Bjs <3 


Yay! \o/ Esse é justamente um dos motivos que me levou a querer fazer visual novels BL, a carência de jogos desse tipo em nossa língua. Pretendo fazer outros VN depois desse, todos com tradução para português também!

Fico muito feliz por ter gostado e por já estar shippando meus meninos fofos <3<3 É muito bom saber que alguém do Brasil encontrou esse meu projeto e está gostando! XD

Bjs! :*


I just finished the beta demo and it's so sweet so far! 

I love the art style and the characters are adorable and so so pretty. 

Im excited to see more from this game! 

Thanks! <3 I'm glad you like it!


So far so cute <3

Lovely art and music and the story is easy to follow. I'm rooting for Laurent to make a delicious cake for Jason. Can't wait to play more! =]

Thank you so much for playing! <3 Laurent will do his best to make a nice surprise for Jason!

I plan to release the full game before the Yaoi Jam starts since most of it is already finished now :3




Birthday Kiss is a cute game that has an equally cute idea and art style, I'm looking forward to what the future for this game will bring!

Note that as of 15/05/2020 this is reviewing an early build of the game. Since this is so early, there will be no number system to my review but will function more as a preview/analysis.

  • Plot: 
    The plot very quickly tells us what's happening and where we are, allowing us to jump into the story and begin right away. I liked seeing the main characters' interactions and how each one displays their love language. Though the fast-moving plot is helpful, at times it can be a bit heavy-handed. One moment that stuck out to me was when Laurent tells us how he shows affection. While this is important to establish, I felt like it could be shown to the player rather than told explicitly.
  • Writing
    The writing was nice and I enjoyed the dialogue between the lead characters. Though I did find some of the sentence structures to be strange and other times some of the things being said were slightly off the mark of traditional idioms native English speakers use. 

    One example was when Amélie asks Laurent this: 
    "Well, he could… But tell me, How did he look like when he invited you? Did he felt insecure?"

    While this does convey the question accurately, this sentence does not flow as smoothly as it could and has some structural errors. Perhaps instead she might say something like:
    "Well, he could've… But tell me, how did he look when he invited you? Did he seem nervous?"
    There's a myriad of ways this sentence could be structured, this is only one example. Alternatively, she could include the idiom 'making a face' and ask:
    "Well, he could've… But tell me, what face was he making when he invited you? Did he look nervous?"

    Additionally, in this situation we wouldn't normally describe someone's face as insecure or say 'insecure' as a feeling. The feelings Jason may have would more likely be described as nervousness/worry because he feels insecure about his relationship with Laurent. But again, while this is technically the correct usage of the word, its not something native speakers typically say in a conversation like this.
  • Art: 
    The art is really cute, I like the character designs and backgrounds they have just enough detail to give me a sense of the world without being distracting. The color palette is calm and fitting and it feels like it matches the tone of the game. Design wise, the characters feel somewhat similar in looks though this may be because during this build there are only two characters you actually see sprites as of yet so this opinion may change.
  • Characters:
    There's not many characters but the ones we were introduced to were cute. I found Laurent's personality to be sweet and interesting to read about. Jason was also fun to read about and I'm curious to see how his dynamic will play out with Laurent. 

  • Sound:
    The music choices are good, they felt like they matched the scenes they were present in. I enjoyed hearing them and they didn't distract me as I was reading. While these are all extras to the game, I'd be interested to hear things like sound effects and possibly voice acting in the future. 
  • Design: 
    This runs on Ren'py. It's smooth and the transitions are nice, as well as the menus. I didn't run into any bugs or glitches, so it's all good there! I like the font choice and UI, they were  both very clean and pleasing to look at.
  • Gameplay:
    There were no choices present in this current build.
  • Overall Thoughts:
    I really enjoyed what I played, sure there needs a bit more polish but this is such an early build and what we got was very cute. I'm interested to see what choices there are and the changes that they bring to the narrative! Thanks for sharing this build of the game with us and best of luck!

Hi! I feel that the points you noted here are really fair, so I'll surely be taking them into consideration while working on the finished build. Writing has been the trickiest part for me but I'll make sure to have more contact with media written in english (including other VNs), so I can learn more about the language usage.

Thank you very much for playing and for leaving your thoughts here, it was really appreciated!