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You did an amazing job! I really loved playing this short demo. (It is really too short XD) But I LOVE the music in this game, I really, really do. It fits the atmosphere, which I really can enjoy to it's very core, and the time, it's just wonderful! Also I really like Nathaniel! 

Moreover the artwork is beautiful and the charas are really handsome! You did a really nice job and I am already looking foward to your next updates! Keep it up the last scene in the demo made me really excited! 

Much thanks to you guys and stay well. <3


Thanks! Originally I planned it to be a bit longer but I had an writer's block and could finish more of the script ;u; But I plan to make an extended demo for the game in the future, with some more scenes.

I'm glad you enjoyed the music, it took me some time to research the tracks and find the right ones, so I'm very happy that you like the result! 

Thanks again, your comments really made my day! ❤️ Stay well too!


I'm so excited to know what will happen and how everything will unfold!! You did an amazing job with the art, how the story is written, the design and music and I already love the characters a lot!


I was hoping that nathaniel and stephan would be together so i'm very excited that they indeed turned out to be one. As for lucian and his family past, i'm very curious what marcus did that made thomas so scared for his family and also what their relationship was, since marcus never mentioned knowing a vampire...


Reading a comment like yours really makes me happy and inspired to make this story come to life. I'm glad you liked Nathaniel and Stephan, I'm planning to show more bits of their relationship too along the game, not only the main couple ;) Thank you so much for the kind words! 🥰 

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Aww, I loved this! This demo warmed my heart while also bringuing an intriguing plot to the table. Can't wait to play the full game. ;)

Keep up the good work, you all!

Also... é tão legal ver uma VN com tradução pra PT-BR com uma qualidade dessas! *-* Que orgulho. Parabéns, belas! <3


Thank you very much, I'm very glad you like it! <3

E obrigada de novo! haha A falta de visual novels BL em português, somada ao meu amor por inventar histórias e desenhar, me fez ter vontade de entrar nesse ramo! :3 


Obaa, BOA! <3 Quero jogar mais jogos seus :) 

Espero colocar um LGBT friendly em breve aqui também, só preciso superar o medinho i.i' 


Mal posso esperar pra ver os seus jogos também! <3 No começo eu também tinha receio de postar os meus mas a comunidade aqui é bem de boa, tem sido muito bom compartilhar minhas histórias aqui :3

Are you gonna release it on android please ?

An Android release is planned too! It's just that coding the GUI to make it look good in phone screens is a bit tricky, so it may be released some time after the PC version.


ok thank you 


I'm sad that I finished the demo, I wanted to find out more! This is a beautiful game, can't wait for the full release!

Thank you so much! <3<3 I plan to release an extended demo in the future, after I release "Birthday Cake" :3


Ansiosa para jogar seus dois jogos! Adorei sua arte!

Muito obrigada! <3<3


Love this!! Can't see where it goes next!

Thank you so much! 


I'm not really into vampire stuff but the story and the characters seem to be really interesting.

Good luck for the game! <3

Thanks! <3<3